Favorite Workout Gear & Healthy Week Tips

Hey guys, Happy Wednesday!

We are half way through the week, and I couldn’t be more excited! My little brother comes to town tonight, and is staying for 9 days!!! This is the best news ever, since most of my family lives in Florida! I cherish every phone call, but in person is just so much better!! Speaking of, my brother is hands down a straight workout fiend. He religiously visits the gym, and will not settle for anything less than a perfect workout. His dedication to his regime has not only transformed his body and health, but has started to rub off on me! Now, I have a long way to go to get to his “level”, but have found a few steps to get me headed in the right direction. Below are 5 things that make my week as healthy as can be:

1: Meal Plan– If you can do this on a Sunday great, but essentially it is planning out your meals for the week. This can include all 3 meals, or just two..it’s completely up to you. I like to be strict on dinner, and just have readily available options for breakfast and lunch.

2: Get enough rest! I have been seriously slacking on this lately, and it’s just because life gets in the way. Whether it be a late night event, or a noisy upstairs neighbor..I have seen a huge negative impact if I don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep! Sleep is SO very important!

3: Do one type of excercise a day, for at least 30 minutes. This can be whatever you like! A trip to the gym, a walk outside, playing with your dog, workout DVD…you name it, it counts! I find this helps to not only get your heart rate up, but to clear your mind of all the daily stresses.

4: Give yourself ME time. You need this!! Say no to an event or dinner. Take an early hour long bath. Read a book. Watch a show. Get your nails done. Reward yourself by giving yourself some alone time. Relationships with others are healthy, but the one with yourself is the most important. Since living on my own for the last 2 years, I have learned to cherish this time.

5: Last but not least, write a list. This can be a to do list, a things you’re happy about list, a goals list…I find that writing out a list of whatever is consuming your mind..allows you to see them differently, or appropriately problem solve. So helpful! Give it a try!!

Now, with all those aside, we must always look as cute as possible when working out, am I right?! And if it is extremely comfy too, well then we are just in so much luck! This is the case with my new favorite fitness line, Shop Avocado. Their clothes below are so soft and breathable, that I may have already worn them as pajamas a few times:)


These shoes are not from this line, but from Nikes new Free & Natural line. These are AH-MAZING and really give your feet some extra love while in use.


These dips Lacey showed me how to do were intense! I would say 3 sets of 12, and you are good!!



Shoes/ Leggings/ Top/ Sports Bra/

I hope you loved this post, and please feel free to give me feedback on whether or not you would like more of this kind! Have a wonderful rest of your day!



Photos by my babe Lacey, of My Boring Closet.

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