Seeing Stars

Hey babes! Happy Tuesday!

Let’s talk prints. What makes them so fun?!

I was immediately drawn to this star print shirt to top off my all black, Forever 21 ensemble. I have heard that wearing darker colors make some feel slightly edgy or moody, but honestly it didn’t change me at all:) I think it is a sleek look, and I am going to make an effort to no longer be fixated on just color! Are you in as well?!
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Wearing my Luxy hair extensions to give that extra “oomph” Let me know in the comment section below if you would like me to do a full blog post on them!

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Top/ Skirt/ Backpack (similar)/ Shoes/

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So, sad side note. Right after this photo was taken, my sweet photographer Brandons camera bag got stolen! From right behind us I might add! Isn’t that crazy! It was sitting on the steps shown in the picture, and someone came right up and swiped it! I was so shocked when we intially turned around and noticed it was missing! I could not believe that someone could be so mean! After rushing to call the police, and going on a little search, we ended up empty handed sadly. With a stroke of luck however, Brandon had his phone, keys, and main camera on him, so wasn’t completely left without his things. I am still hoping everyday that Brandon might get a call that his bag miraculously turned up..was just such a bummer! And what makes me the most upset, is that Brandon is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Why do these things happen to nice people?! He even stayed cool as a cucumber during the whole ordeal AND offered to still take pictures when my other blogger girlfriend showed up!! Seriously the sweetest! See a picture of us with our cop friend HERE 🙂 So, just a reminder to keep your things close while out and about during shoots! You never know what can happen!!

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Ok, well I have some serious hair research to do now. I am contemplating going darker for fall/winter because of a request by the BF, so need to find some amazing inspiration! Email me some ideas if you have any! (

See you back here soon!

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Photos By: Brandon Hill Photography

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