October 18th, 2017

Bagatelle Leather Jacket

Jacket/ Sweater/Earrings/Denim/Booties


I have got a few new outfits that I am excited to bring you over the next week, and this is the first one! They are all fall related, so get pumped!

To start, can we just talk about this jacket?!! To be honest, this is the first real leather jacket I have ever owned. As a matter of fact, I didn’t start even getting into leather really until leather leggings came out! Even then, I never bit the bullet to buy one. I always just get cute faux pieces to throw over my tops. But LET ME TELL YOU……it is BEYOND worth the price tag (which is not even that much at some stores!) This one retails for $299.

First off, it smells amazing (is that weird?!haha) and second, it is so pretty in person. You can absolutely tell the difference between real and faux, but I think that is the case with any category right? Real diamonds verse fake, designer bag verse knockoff. Of course we all probably WANT the nice version, but we can’t always afford it. After owning this well priced leathed jacket now, I would say this is the best route to go:

Save up for it!

Find an item that you really want and wait a little longer to purchase it! Not only will it more than likely be better quality, but it will last longer, and  can be a classic investment that you can be proud of for years to come!

Now, I know us girls know the importance (or want) of the finer things in fashion, but it’s just convincing our significant others of this same reasoning…..hmmm…if anyone has a tried and true approach, let a girl know. Or just go buy it for yourself:)

Ok, back to this piece in particular. Bagatelle makes beautiful jackets in different fabrics, but this darker green leather one just spoke to me. I have said it a million times on here, but when purchasing a classic, try to think a little outside the box. In this case, I went for a color instead of black! (It is also available in a beautiful Orchid color & Blood Orange! Talk about statement makers!) Sure, I will get around to buying a black one, but for now I am going to pair this beauty with as many fall things as I can fit under it:)

What do you all think of the green? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments below!

For this more casual look, I threw on this cute ruffle pullover I found for under $25, some dark denim, & these leopard print booties. Girls, if you do not have an animal print piece in your wardrobe right now, GO GET ONE. Not only are they so on trend, but they add such an amazing pop to anything. Instant glam in my book. Unfortunately, last time I checked, my exact ones were sold out:( Luckily, I have found two similar options below:

1 / 2

Also, I can create a save vs. splurge post if you want! That way I can show you things I think you should purchase vs. not, and pieces that are so similar to the higher end ones, that you won’t even feel like you’re missing out! Let me know on that as well!

I am off to go work on a another post for you babes! Thank you so much for reading!



Photography By: Jenna Sparks


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