October 23rd, 2017

Getting strong w/ F45

Happiest Monday!

My most exciting post as of late is here!!!!  I am beyond thrilled to share my current gym and obsession, F45. This is not only a place where I workout, but an enviroment that challenges me, contains people that support my goals, and is a therapy session all in one! First, we need to start with a cute workout outfit: (trust me, it helps:)

I was in Target last a few weeks ago ( a totally regular occcurence for me) when I came across their new line of workout gear, Joylab. I am in love! The stretchy fabrics, and bright colors had me at first glance, so I knew I had to get the set. And can we talk about this huge tote bag? I kind of want to take it other places than just than gym because it’s so pretty:) It will fit everything you need and more! Details linked below.

Top/ Bottoms/ Bag


 Originating in Australia, the F45 training system was brought to the US, and luckily for me, landed right here in Colorado, with studios currently in Highlands Ranch and Arvada.

  Functional training for 45 minutes. High Intensity Circuits that are guaranteed to get your heart rate up, and those muscles working. I take a class 6 days a week- Saturdays class being 60 minutes and includes a live DJ! MWF are cardio focused, T/TH are strength focused, and S is a mix of both! You will never have the same twice, keeping your body challenged and your mind engaged!

The age ranges are from young to old, and everyone will impress you. I first tried this out from an invite by my fit neighbor Haley, and it quickly reminded me how out of shape I was. This class gives you little to no rest with a water break or two if you’re lucky.(JK, you can have water)  It works. It kicks your butt, and gives you the kind of workout you should desire…a hard one.

Right around month two, I started noticing a little definition, and the ability to hold a particular core move longer than before. This moment right here was all the motivation I needed. I’ve learned the importance of consistency, however; for every month of hard work you put in, it only takes a few days to start losing that muscle if you aren’t staying with it!

I used to be that girl who worked out to be skinny. I wanted to be the tiniest version of myself, and relied solely on the scale to give me that satisfaction. I would spend endless hours focusing on cardio. As I’ve learned from F45, it takes the right mix of cardio and strength training to achieve true fitness. Now, I just want to be STRONG. I do not care what the number on the scale says, it is how I FEEL. I highly recommend this approach!

You are probably thinking that you could never commit to something like this, or that it would never work for you. Well, you can and it will!! All it takes is the first step! Just getting to the gym everyday is half the battle. You’ll have no choice but to believe in yourself and be inspired by this amazing training atmosphere.

Do you know that after every class, we ALL high five each other, sweaty and proud of our accomplishment. I look forward to every time!

So, how does it work? Well look below:

 Once your trainer gives you a demonstration, the timer goes off and your moves will appear on the screen. You start at your numbered station on the floor, which will coordinate with the screen in front of you. This ensures you will never get lost! You follow the excercises in a particular order, sometimes in small groupings, other time fully around the room. And yes, you may even get a water break thrown in there as well:) You can get even more out of your workout by wearing an F45 -branded heart rate monitor that tracks your progress throughout the workout, and even sends you a completion email afterwards containing calories burned and other stats!

Here are a few examples of some moves that we do:

My trainers! (Missing Joel..who was kind enough to help me with this post!) From left to right: Matthew, Brenda, & Andrew.

Well, I really could go on and on about how this has changed my overall lifestyle for the better, but I think you get the point!

Colorado locals, you NEED to try this! If you want to join, then sign up HERE for your free week trial-I’ll even join you at your first workout! You have nothing to lose but possibly some unwanted weight, and gain a little motivation, along with a life-changing workout experience!

 Looking forward to seeing some of you there! Please let me know if you have any additional questions, and I would be happy to answer them! Thank you for reading!



Photography By: Jenna Sparks


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  1. Kristi Buchanan says:

    You look awesome…I need to go to Target!!
    I love F45 and love seeing you there!

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