November 17th, 2017

Soaking up Fall

Sweater(Similar/Similar)/ Skirt/ Booties/ Sunglasses

Happiest Friday!

Looking at these pictures, I am realizing we only have a few fleeting moments left not only this season, but this year! Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! My mind will just not stop being blown! I have taken time to appreciate the fall leaves, the weather, and the fun activities that come with it…which I think that’s something that comes with age. We learn that as much as we want to hang onto something, it will inevitably change or disappear. So, make sure you really go out and appreciate your time, your loved ones, and your life this weekend.! I don’t mean to get so deep, but I would hate for anything special to go to waste! (Can you tell this week has REALLY got me thinking about life? lol)

Anyways, I can not think of a more fall outfit than this one right here. Faux leather skirt, a cozy sweater, and a great pair of boots. With all the variations possible, I feel like we all come back to this as a staple. I wanted to match my surroundings, so I chose colors that reminded me of the Colorado leaves! This was another one that got a ton of compliments in Napa, and was one of the easiest to throw together!

A common question I get asked is, “What are you supposed to pair with that color?”

Well, if you are wearing bottoms in any other color besides black or white, STILL consider them a neutral. At least, that is what helps me! Do not be afraid of color of any kind! Of course, you can play it safe and just get a top with the same color incorporated in it like I did:)

Regardless, have fun with color, even as the weather gets cooler! It can help turn an otherwise drab day into a fab day!

You can get this whole outfit for less than $100, and I have even included different options for the top above. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and thank you so much for reading. It really means more than you know!




Photos by: Jenna Sparks


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