November 13th, 2017

Yellow Bow Tie Blouse & Acts of Kindness

Top/ Denim/ Boots

Happy Tuesday loves!

Yesterday was World Kindness Day, and it got me doing a little thinking about acts of kindness and how we can implement those in our daily lives. I don’t know if it’s been all the tragedy in the world, my older age, exhaustion from always needing to be right, etc, but being kind has really been on my mind lately. (To be honest, it feels like I am in a bit of a transition period, and I am very curious to see where it ends up!) But, is it really worth it to be anything else but kind? I mean, really? It takes a LOT of work to be mean, and then you have to deal with the after effects of that. If we are nice, then all we get afterwards is positivity. So, I have collected 5 different things you can do to practice this:

  1. Smile at everyone you see. I feel an instant burst of happiness when a stranger smiles at me! So refreshing!
  2. Give at least one compliment a day. I feel like we think all of these amazing and sweet thoughts in our head, but rarely say them out loud! Go ahead and
  3. Open the door. No brainer. This is not only for guys. Ladies, everyone appreciates it!
  4. Lose the need to “win.” Typically when in an argument, our first thought is what to say to win. Well, try listening. Try focusing on figuring out where the other person is coming from, and how best you can help them. It doesn’t matter who wins. If you genuinely love/care about this person, then be there for them, not to win.
  5. Volunteer. If you have never volunteered anywhere, I highly recommend it! It is beyond rewarding, you will more than likely meet new (& kind) friends, and you are giving yourself up for service. No phone necessary, just pure, in-the-moment kindness.

While there are plenty more ways to practice kindness, I think these will get you headed in the right direction!

Now, onto the look of the day:) I chose this darling yellow top because (1) the color makes me happy and (2) it can be worn for so many different occasions! As shown above, you can wear this tucked in or left out, and can be easily worn at the office all the way to happy hour! It is an insanely good price, and I would advise getting it in a few more colors. The tie detail at the top makes it super cute under a blazer, and the thin fabric makes it ideal to pair with your favorite skirt!

Now, I am off to tackle my inbox!

I hope you have an amazing rest of your Tuesday!

Thank you so much for reading.




Photos by: Jenna Sparks

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  1. I just love this and you❤️

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