December 13th, 2017

Tips for Productivity

Happy Wednesday!

It’s the middle of the week, and this is when my energy starts to slightly taper off and I get super antsy for the weekend to get here! Which then leads to procrastination. The looming list of things to get done may feel overwhelming at times, especially during the holidays, when you have a million other things piled up. Below,  I have listed a few ways to battle that “putting off” feeling to help get your stuff done!

First, a little backstory. This post idea came to be from a health/fitness diet tip! (Random, I know) In @fitnesscarli’s tips, she really stressed on nourishing before satisfying. For example, she drinks a healthy smoothie equipped with spinach before she indulges in a cheat meal to get what she needs before what she wants. I just loved this! I thought I would apply that to this conversation, in entering the mindset of getting tasks done before having all the fun.

By the way, procrastination is a MINDSET PEOPLE. You are in control of your feelings, thoughts, and actions. So you tell that mind of yours to open up to these new ideas, and maybe change the way you think about tasks moving forward.

Ok, let’s start with:

Find the right workspace.

You have to feel comfortable where you are working! If this is in a cubicle, decorate it with things that bring you happiness. If this is at home, create a seperate space away from the chaos of everyday tasks.

By now, you know yourself. You know what you like and don’t like. I for example, I do not like a whole lot of noise.For this specific reason, my first choice for a long day of work is not a busy coffee shop. Starbucks…no thank you. I have to have a quieter atmosphere…like the one pictured above at Aviano in Cherry Creek. If it is in the back of a library for complete silence, then go there. Find what works for you.


Essential doesn’t even begin to describe this step. Whilst going throughout your day, you are bound to think of what will be waiting for you the next day. Maybe it won’t be that much, or maybe it’s a lot. Either way, prep if you can/when you can. If you know your workout is in the morning and you won’t have time to make breakfast before work, make something ahead of time. If you have a trip later in the week, start throwing things in your suitcase when you pass by them. Make life easier for yourself. Help yourself when you can.

Wake up with a mission.

Your alarm goes off, and you let out a big sigh…another loooong word day ahead of me. Stop right here. You must change that mindeset of yours. Instead, start the day off with at least 2 things you are excited about. It could be your a walk you have planned with your neighbor, a happy hour, your favorite show..whatever it is, start positive.


This is a no brainer, and one I myself have only recently put into action. It is so important to have mental clarity before attempting a task, and excercise can help de-stress and clear your mind. It is scientifically proven. I personally think if you start out your day (schedule allowing) with a sweat sesh, you not only get to start off on a *healthy* self induglence, but you let out any extra “baggage” you may be carrying from the day before off!

Plan around your meals.

It is best to plan out your productivity around meals. As in, do not try to get a lot done if you are full fresh off a meal.

Start your morning with a big, healthy breakfast. While digesting, get everything out you need for your tasks that day and then start. Take a break for a snack, and then get back to work. Find your best caffeine source. I currently try to stay away from too much coffee since it’s been making me feel sick, so I have been taking these WM Nutrition packets.(A little appetite control and a little caffeine…the perfect combo)

In a perfect world, you will be done with everything by dinnertime. Choose this to be your lightest meal of the day, so you do not go to bed and have trouble sleeping from digestion issues. Oh yes, and get in those zzzzz’s!

Equip yourself with the right tools.

Make sure you have what you need to accomplish your tasks. For example, you will not get your photoshoot done unless you have your camera charged and your new editing software uploaded. You can not even make a list unless you have stocked up on notepads. (For all you pen to paper people like me)

What do you need to feel relaxed and focused? A certain candle? Get it. New music? Buy it. A comfy office chair? Find one!

Create a support system.

Sometimes, you need to enlist help. Hey, we can not do everything on our own, and we were not meant too. Each person has their own specific skills, and allows us to help others that may not be as talented/knowledgable in those areas. If you are stuck and can not figure something out or you are having a mental block, CALL SOMEONE. It is such a good release to stop what you are doing, and have a conversation to get you revitalized for the task at hand. Have a few people in mind that can be available for this type of thing.

Make the right kind of TO-DO list.

It is important and helpful to make the right kind of to-do list. You want to make sure you prioritize things you NEED to get done over what you would LIKE to get done. Get the everyday tasks, job necessities, kids errands, etc done first and then get around to the color coding of your closet or getting your nails done.

Reward Yourself.

We all love a good reward right? We grow up getting rewarded for good deeds and a job well done. Well, enter in adulthood, and our rewards look a little different. While completing your tasks, make sure to give yourself a pat on the back when accomplishing something. Stop and take a breather. Treat yourself to a sweet treat. After all your hardwork, you deserve something. And most of all, just give it your best. That is all we can do in this life, and if it doesn’t work today, just try again tomorrow.!

I hope these tips will help ensure a completed to-do list, in a timely manner!

I personally LOVE crossing off tasks as I complete them, and eventually throwing the list in the trash….


If you end up trying any of these out and see success, please let me know! I always welcome feedback!

Now, I am off to go reward myself for finishing todays tasks with a nice bubble bath:)

Thank you for reading!



Photography by: Jenna Sparks


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