February 13th, 2018

Self Love

Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to share a few quick thoughts on self- love with Valentines Day coming up tomorrow, and on the single life:)! I am by no means an expert obviously, but these are just my personal thoughts thus far. I felt compelled to share, after reading one too many girls posting sad messages about being alone or single, and therefore strongly disliking the upcoming holiday.

Girls, there is absolutely no need for this! I think it is so important to remember the following:

(1) You’re dating someone and all of the sudden it stops. It doesn’t work out. SO WHAT. Yes, it might be a little disappointing, but it’s really ok. I promise. There is a reason it didn’t work. Try not to have any hard feelings. Move on and make room for something that will work.

(2) You are waiting on pins and needles for a guy to text or call you back. He gives excuses and it just seems to be way too much effort on your end. This is because he IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. If a guy is interested, you will know. People that want to be in your life will make their presence known. And those are the kinds you want around anyways.

(3) Just because someone is nice to you and wants to date you, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Is he REALLY fitting all your criteria? Is he actually a good idea? Don’t say yes to just anyone.

(4) If you are able to talk to multiple people at once, you mine as well just take a break from dating. Before everyone gets upset about this (because I know this is apparently a common thing) This is my own opinion. Why the multiple people? Why not just focus on one, and if that one doesn’t work out, THEN find another. Maybe that’s just me?

(5) You are worth it..exactly as you are. Do not change to fit someone else. The right person will fit with you! Exciting, huh?

(6) Not everyone is the end all, be all. And they shouldn’t be. One of my girlfriends told me this:

People come into your life for a reason, season, or forever.”

I LOVED that! Try to embrace people for what they are and what they are meant to teach you, for however long they are around for. I feel like this lessens expectations in the long run as well.

After considering all of the above, just focus on loving yourself and embracing the chapter of your life you are in right now. At a church service awhile back, they were talking about how your life is essentially one big race. If you happen to be single at any point in this race, use that time to become better at running. Improve your time, hone your skills, and nourish your body with what it needs to become stronger so to say. While running your race, you can certainly admire people, but don’t stop it for just anyone. If you are going to slow down, make sure the person is more than worth it. Sure it is nice to go out and meet new people. But your time is worth something, so the people taking it should be worthy.

I have been using this time to really pay attention to lessons. I have been learning so many from each new person that I meet  ( friend or otherwise) that I truly believe everything happens for a reason. It is very enlightening, exciting, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Anyways, girls, give yourself a break…don’t beat yourself up. You will be admired by the right type at the right time…don’t try and force anything! You are one amazing babe!



Photos by: Jenna Sparks

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