April 17th, 2018

Mixing Prints


Happy Tuesday loves!!

This outfit I am sharing today gets me WAY too excited for consistent warm weather (whenever that decides to show up here in CO) and everything that summertime brings with it! I have always been a fan of print mixing, and loved the idea of a more patriotic approach. Aside from the fact that I am a major Francophile,  tees with graphics are just a fun way to speak without speaking, you know?! AND there are so many cute varieties out there!! Here are a few others for you girls that are not quite as obsessed with everything French like myself:



Best Coast



Self expression is one of them most fun things about fashion, and we all need to have a little more fun with it! I personally love when I come across someone that not only is well dressed, but has added something a little eye catching to their ensemble.

Speaking of expression, I want to share a few thoughts I have been having lately in hopes to help anyone else having these too. Let’s just say I’ve been feeling a little “sassy” for the last few weeks. I have been in somewhat of a rut, and SO HARD on myself. I almost didn’t post these pictures because I can pick something out in every one that I don’t like. There has been some exhaustion, giving all of myself to certain people that don’t give that back in return, posting pictures on Instagram only to immediately take them down, etc..and all for what? There is also being in the dating scene, and this need to constantly feel put together/exciting and present yourself.  OR maybe I’m just being too much of a perfectionist..whatever it is, I have had to come back down and brush it all off!

Just remember: Bad days will happen every once in awhile…you are human after all.

Being a confident person (like myself), I know I even need this reminder from time to time, so hopefully one of you reading this can take it in as well.

In regards to social media, I am hoping to get lots of creative inspiration from a trip I am taking this weekend! New York almost guarantees that sort of thing, right?! It will be my first time in the city, so I am ready to take it all in!

Thanks so much for reading, and I will see you back here soon!



Photography By: Jenna Sparks

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