April 18th, 2018

Pre-Travel Beauty Services

I am off to New York, and wanted to share the three beauty services I never leave town without getting. For all you Denver locals, these are all tried and true…and come highly recommended.



I embarrassed to admit that I use to be part of the group of women that would go and tan in a tanning bed…GASP!!!! I am so thankful I stopped at a young enough age where not too much damage was done! I now count on spray tans! (PRAISE for these) I go in, strip down, and come out looking like I just got back from a week long Mexico vacation. Just like I like it:) Girls, this is just nice to have to cover up any of your skin issues, and get you feeling a little more confident in all those vacation outfits you have planned! Because no one wants to worry about insecurities whilst on a trip!

Glow Body + Sun

2804 E. 6th Ave

Denver, CO 80206




I have been going here for the last few years, and always have my vision brought to life, no matter the crazy color or cut idea. Brittney truly is amazing at what she does, and I selfishly hope to use her forever!! This week, I went in just to darken back up my roots, brighten the highlights, add layers, and take off about an inch! Nothing too dramatic, but I feel like a new woman.

Posh Painted Hair – Brittney

Salon Plume

450 Lincoln Street Suite 105 

Denver Colorado, 80203




I have been having this treatment done ever since late last year, and it is safe to say I am hooked! Long gone are the days of just a facial. Nope! For my skin in particular (and most), that treatment simply does not get all the congestion and dead skin off! So, the only way I can achieve baby soft skin is with the additional dermaplane! It does wonders for your face, and makes your makeup glide on smoother as well! Run out and try this ASAP!

Moda Body + FaceJodilyn

800 West 8th Ave Suite 105

Denver, CO 80204



Now, for some last minute packing.



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