May 7th, 2018

Hearts by Radley London


Happy Monday loves!!

 I am so happy to be talking about this gorgeous leather backpack by Radley London today!! I am a die hard believer in accessories making or breaking an outfit, and this one will be a winner in any case! This is a style that will never go OUT of style, which makes it completely worth the money! (Under $250) The size is perfect for anything from running errands, to taking it to the gym, and I honestly have found myself wearing it more than my normal bags lately. Like my style, is it classic with an edgy twist. Keep in mind, when purchasing new bags, try and grab a leather option if it fits within your budget. Not only does it look better, it will last SO much longer than a faux version.

How darling is the little attached heart?! It reminded me of the idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but in this scenario, dangling for all the world to see.

Funny fact: recently while Jenna and I are shooting, we will talk about what kind of person that I am (cue personal introspection), and who she thinks I should date/end up with. (A popular topic among my girlfriends now that I am the single one)  Lately the consensus has been based on the fact that, like this bag, I “show what is on my heart” to everyone. Now, there are times to conceal your feelings and others to let them be known, but for the most part I would have to agree with her. Everyone that knows me personally, knows exactly what kind of mood I am in, or my honest thoughts about a situation. Over the last few months, I have been so self aware and honest with everything and everyone. I have found this to be beneficial, and would recommend others to do the same, or at least try it out.

For example, when I started dating earlier this year, I would try and “present” myself in a certain way, all the while stressing out if something didn’t come of it. That did not last long at all!!! As soon as I started being 100% myself upon first meeting someone, it just kept getting better and better. Why? Because once you are in love with yourself, it really doesn’t matter who else is or isn’t. You are original. You are amazing. The right person will see that, be intrigued, and want more. Which brings me too, girls: don’t date just to date. Choose to spend your time with someone that actually adds value to your life, and a smile to that cute face of yours!! The second you can tell it is not going to work, move right along.

Your challenge for today? Be brutally honest about something you wouldn’t have been otherwise. See what happens. What have you got to lose? If anything, it will get you closer to the answer you might have not known you were searching for:)

Have the best start to your week loves, and thank you so very much for reading!



Photos By: Jenna Sparks


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