May 23rd, 2018

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Happy Wednesday!!

We are halfway through the week already (phew), and almost to the holiday weekend!! Summer is also right around the corner, and with all the outside time we will undoubtedly be having, it is the perfect time to up your skin game! This should not only entail daily sunscreen use (Here in Colorado, we have a 30 percent higher rate of melanoma than in other states), but having regularly scheduled skin treatments as well. If I have learned anything lately, it is that skincare is SO important!

That is where Moda Body Fitness + Face comes in.

Jodilyn, of MBF+F, reached out to me last year, and I am ever so glad she did! Not only is she a jack of all trades (business owner, fitness instructor, musically talented, writer) but she is GREAT at what she does because there is passion behind it. She invests her time researching the latest trends, seeing what products are really worth the hype, and what is the safest and most beneficial for our skin. In fact, some of the products she uses are safe enough to use on cancer patients!! Knowing this at the beginning gave me even more confidence that my skin would start to change for the better.

I think as we reach our later twenties, we unfortunately start to see changes with our skin. Specifically for me on my face, I started breaking out more, having dark spots pop up, and just started looking dull overall. Thus began our 6 treatment journey to where I am now. We did everything from facials and microdermabrasion, to dermaplaning (see this post for further explanation and why this one was my favorite) and a light peel. When all was said and done, my skin was refreshed and soft…newborn baby style.

Needless to say, I always walk away feeling like a brand new woman!

If you have never delved into the idea of better skincare, or have been too nervous to try a treatment, now is the time to change that! Skincare should come before makeup. It just should. You will not have to cover up as much, when whats underneath can shine through! I has helped SO much with my fresh face confidence, and I can now say I am happily addicted.

For a list of her services, click HERE.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. If you would like to book a service with Jodilyn, or have any questions answered, you can reach her at:





P.S. I will be posting a few before & afters on my Insta-Stories, so make sure that you are following me on Instagram!


Photos by: Jenna Sparks

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